In 2010 Liz and Daniel joined the Antioch Fort Collins church plant team. We believe God is bringing revival to Northern Colorado and have transplanted to Fort Collins in order to invest in a people and a land hungry for the Kingdom of Heaven.


Liz and Daniel, as partially paid staff members, qualify to raise support as our income. Any support we receive frees us to invest more time in people and less time in finding part-time work to make ends meet.

2 Ways to Give

1. If you would like to invest in our calling by a one-time gift or through an ongoing monthly commitment, you can give by sending a check as follows:

Make checks out to: Antioch Community Church
Memo Line: D. Koenigsberg
Send to: Antioch Community Church
PO Box 273323
Fort Collins, CO 80525

For an easier way to give you can designate your monthly gift as a recurring payment through your bank’s online bill pay service.

2. OR By visiting our church website. Following this link will take you directly to our online payment processor. Any donations made for us should be entered under the “Staff Support” section and designated for “Daniel and Liz Koenigsberg”

Note: Why checks / automatic bill pay are the best option for giving

When you use your debit or credit card to give online, we are charged a 3% fee on the transaction amount, in addition to a 50 cent flat fee. For every $1,000 given, this is an extra $30.50 that we never receive. The savings really do add up!

Thank you so much for considering supporting us!

Daniel and Liz

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